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coming up on our t.v. while the guantanamo bay hunger strike contend use attempts to close the detention facility appear to be going nowhere house republicans have suggested legislation that would keep the facility open and block transferring suspects into u.s. or other countries more on that battle or get mown just ahead. and it's day three of the bradley manning trial manning's defense explains that sharing information with wiki leaks was for the public good will supporters of bradley manning still gather outside the courtroom updates on this case just ahead. protesters are still outside the streets of turkey rallying against the prime minister there there's growing criticism over the turkish police used excessive show of force including the use of the u.s. made tear gas more on those clashes later on in the show. it's
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wednesday june fifth five pm in washington d.c. i'm margaret how well you're watching r t the house armed services committee began considering this morning the national defense authorization act of twenty four team this bill would appropriate funding to the military in the coming fiscal year will some of the highlights of the current draft bill involve the tension vicinity guantanamo bay and the language of the current access that congress maintains the bipartisan probation against transfer of detainees from guantanamo bay to the united states or to countries with confirmed cases of transfer detainees returning to fight. this sums up the sentiment from earlier in the week that congress wants to keep the detention facility open and keep it funded a sensibly barring the administration from transferring its terror suspects to
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prisons within the united states or foreign country without the use of that national security waiver earlier i was joined by our key political commentator sam sax i asked him how the new n.b.a. proposal what effect the status of guantanamo it's a new version for two thousand and fourteen of the national defense authorization act but it contains the same provisions from last year's n.d.a. when it comes to pantano and that is you know as you mentioned explicitly ban on any of the fines are authorized in the national defense of authorization act to be used to transfer any prisoners from guantanamo to the united states or to any other country that has seen release prisoners or really engage in terrorist activity one of the ranking members on the house armed services committee democrat adam smith immediately took issue with with this language i think we have a clip of it right here. the continued presence of want on a mobile a prison i think is a stain upon this country it's becoming unsustainable it was built as
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a temporary facility ten years ago and there is two hundred fifty million dollars in military construction requests just to keep it temporary given its location and given the difficulties of maintaining it that's always going to be a challenge but urge members to think long and hard about what we're going to do about the hundred sixty six people who are down to kuantan i'm obey in the fact that it's simply not a sustainable situation we need a reasonable alternative really a congressman smith went on to say that he doesn't have the votes though i mean this is a committee that's dominated by republicans and as you know so if president obama wanted to reengage with congress on this issue of guantanamo he's not off to the best start because republicans don't seem to want to do anything but they did still leave this national security waiver in the n.b.a. which gives the president obama the authority to start transferring prisoners out of guantanamo bay if he says it's in the national security interest the nation he can do it right now he just chooses not to they make them has some authority there
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that he may not want us to know about ok so the broader war on terror i want to take you to that now in afghanistan what does the n.b.a. mean for future conflicts if you can talk to about your so the n.b.a. authorizes funding for our wars our war in afghanistan now it does put some strings attached this year funding for afghanistan that basically says that any funding to train afghan security forces is contingent on the fact that we come up with a bilateral agreement with afghanistan to make sure that we keep troops there beyond twenty four teams some sort of safety agreement there which could mean anywhere from twelve thousand to you know even more troops that remain in afghanistan moving forward as far as this broader war on terrorism. i guess the war against associated forces of al qaida as the obama missed. she has to find it in the u.n. math this particular n.d.a. does have some language that's going to require the administration require the
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department of defense to it to identify who these associated forces of al qaeda are that we are at war with we learned from the wiki leaks release a few years back that there are over sixty organizations that the department of defense has labeled as associated forces of al qaeda and they include things like the iran iranian intelligence pakistani intelligence his blog hamas so congress wants the department of defense to come to them and say you know explain why we are at war with these associated forces a lot to get to in this bill sam i want to take you now to the drone killing program does the n.b.a. mention this then has congress put any additional oversight in place regarding it kind of when the president gave a speech a few weeks ago he said that he has consulted congress on on drone strikes and on missions that go beyond our traditional war theater of afghanistan and that's partly true but there is a provision in this by max thorn congressman mack thornberry he's
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a republican he's the chair of the armed services subcommittee on emerging threats and it basically codifies this requirement for the administration to come to congress and tell them of any any targeted killing strikes and capture missions that happen around the world not in countries that were directly at war with like afghanistan so this is something of the administration is kind of already been doing but this codified to make sure that future administrations do it do it as well so this is slight oversight of the drone program but it's after the fact it really doesn't give congress any leeway to determine you know how these strikes are carried out it just allows congress some insight into you know what the administration is doing as far as it comes to this targeted killing program a hodgepodge of issues under this bill moving out of date area for the war machine and then i met the pretty. vast topic by ok so moving quickly now to syria i understand that congress didn't mention syria in this upcoming bell is that correct
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sure there's and this is of course we're talking about the house version of this bill here and there's language in the bill to require the department of defense to come to congress and lay out all the options that are on the table when it comes to syria. there is nothing in this bill about funding the syrian opposition interesting way a few weeks ago the senate foreign affairs committee passed. passed a provision legislation that would fund the syrian opposition so and next week the senate will take up their own national defense authorization act they'll begin debate on that and they might throw something in there abouts about arming the opposition we don't know yet in which case the house and the senate will have to kind of work that out but so far nothing in the house bill about funding the syrian opposition just a requirement for the department of defense to lay out all the options that are on the table for congress this seems to be so much going on in the n.b.a. coming up i want to talk you know about the sequester it seems to impact everything except for the n.b.a.
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and its provisions certainly hasn't seemed to affect it get my way any you know has the money flash across the board affected any of these programs well that's going to i think that a lot of the legislators in the house armed services committee still have this strange belief that this question is not going to take hold that somehow congress is going to come to a come to a deal republicans will agree to tax hikes that's not going to happen the sequester is going to kick in and. a lot of these funding levels are going to be cut by about eight percent. in each each defense program so there will be an impact here it seems like lawmakers are trying to boost spending on spending levels in certain programs before that sequester takes takes effect there was a lot of concern about certain money that's being being spent there was huge opposition to any base closings even though we know that sequester is coming out there still a lot of money that they want to spend on missile defense programs on the on the west coast in east asia and still a lot of money going to israel's iron dome missile defense system still despite all
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the concept so much to talk about what this you know we did we are out of time unfortunately thank you for that so that was our tea political commentator sam sachs. would state three of the court martial of private first class bradley manning which continues today manning twenty five is accused of handing over hundreds of thousands of classified state department cables along with some sort of government documents to the web site wiki leaks the disclosure that amounts to the largest breach of classified information and u.s. history back in february manning pled guilty to ten lesser charges of misusing classified material in a still accused of aiding the enemy a charge that carries a life sentence if convicted in his opening statement on monday manning's attorney david kuhn stated that manning's motivation for leaking the information is saying quote people leave that this information showed how we value human life in iraq he was troubled by that and he believed that if the american public saw it that they would be troubled and maybe things would change the prosecution disagreed with them
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saying that manning gave vital information that compromised u.s. national security interest for more on the latest i was joined earlier by our two producer. who'd been at fort meade covering this trial and i started off by asking her what she learned today. well there's just a lot on tap today we saw more testimony from the witness list of the prosecution including her really a showman who was manning's immediate supervisor in iraq also carbonic another senior intelligence officer that worked with manning in iraq as well in his same unit and also a hunter had another target an officer in the intelligence unit in iraq with him now moving you know going back a little bit of this in the first time the drily or showman was actually at ford mean she actually testified before hand in one of the first pretrial hearings back in october of two thousand and eleven there she actually talked about a physical altercation that she had between her and manning where there and ended
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up in physical assault and manning was actually subsequently demoted he ended up punching her in the face that's what court documents say she didn't go into that specifically today however she did go on record saying that she believed the man and should have never ever been deployed in iraq due to his mental instability and his actual emotional state see i know you've been following this really closely i want to talk about the prosecution i'm sure that you're noticing a pattern with them a strategy if you talk to me about that absolutely now that it's day three of the trial things are sort of coming into focus and there are two very big things that the prosecution is trying to really hammer home which is a that private manning knowingly leaked classified information and he knew the record that that would bring to him being you know being an intelligence officer being trained in that and that he also intended to harm by those that release and b. that he actually aided the enemy by giving that information to wiki leaks as the prosecution
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said in their opening statements they are trying to prove that the documents that he released that were posted on on wiki leaks were actually found in the compound of osama bin laden hence read by al qaeda so they're trying to make that. trying to make those dots trying to connect those dots rather in order to show that he aided the enemy and that he actually helped terrorism move forward those are the most important things that they're trying to they're trying to hammer home and see if they're basically they're saying that manning aided a summit in london and sounds like terrorists in general that by giving that information to wiki leaks he was able to actually a the enemy because everyone had access to that but also we are reminded that not only did terrorists read that that same information was published in the new york times in the guardian so everyone had access to that information so that brings up a whole other host of of sort of problems than actually we can go on and on and on
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and on and to talk about ok so we understand the prosecution side talking about the defense i know that they're melting a defense for private and i'm absolutely well they're trying to take another approach to that as we all know manning already pled to ten lesser charges however he still faces life in prison for aiding the enemy what did coombs is trying to do in trying to portray is another and complete different picture of many that he had no intent to harm when releasing that that information. police information but he was trying to as you put it earlier change the world trying to create more debate and that he saw wrongdoing and he wanted to to change that that was one of the big issues yesterday in. testimony where you could see coombs trying to sort of you know trying to paint sort of you know make allusions towards between him and
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private manning as if to say that they were both they're both just very naive young men that were caught up in something that was too big for them and that they really had no idea that this is what would end up being here and we're running out of time but i want to get at this really quickly what's the support for him like were there people outside supporting him and what's next for him absolutely there are you know there are very dedicated people that not only go every day to witness the court proceedings of the court martial but have been going since day one of the court i'm sorry of the pretrial hearings back in two thousand and eleven so there are people there that are that feel very strongly about this case but now after today it seems that the trial will be on recess until next monday it seems the prosecution is ahead of schedule so we shall see a speedy trial indeed we have to leave it there thank you so much that was our producer utterly sero. staff sergeant robert bales the soldier accused of the
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deadliest war crime by an american soldier in the post nine eleven error pleaded guilty today to murdering sixteen afghan civilians most of which were women and children to avoid the death penalty bales entered his plea in a military courtroom south of seattle this morning to sixteen counts of murder six counts of attempted murder and seven counts of assault the charges allege that just before dawn of march eleventh of last year bill snuck outside his remote outpost in khandahar afghanistan and went on a killing spree in two nearby villages leaving sixteen dead including nine children well during the hearing that military judge colonel jeffrey may question bales about what happened allowing the sergeant to give his account of the massacre for the first time before deciding whether or not to accept his guilty plea. bales plea was accepted this afternoon another thirty nine year old father of two from lake taps washington will face a sentencing hearing later this summer is that the jury that will decide whether he
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is to be sentenced to life in prison with or without the possibility of parole still ahead here on our t.v. cities throughout turkey have been on the scene of clashes between police and protesters but beside the claims of police brutality it's also revealed that so much of the tear gas being used is from the united states we'll tell you more about this after the break. i would read that as questions for people in positions of power instead of speak on their behalf and that's why you can find by still larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. and
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. less time as a new alert animation scripts scare me a little. cutie there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears of the warriors and if great things other than their parents are compared to render in a court of law on the ground. there's a story made sort of movies playing out in real life. more information is emerging about the anti-government protest underway in turkey protests down from
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a sit in at tuskegee square an instant poll over the government's plans to develop a shopping mall in the current park and it turned into a violent clash last friday with police crackdown the rallies have spread throughout the country in what's being called the largest protest in recent turkish history and they're not just talking about it demolishing park protestors are calling out turkish prime minister arctic on what they're saying is increasing authoritarianism last night turkish police arrested twenty five social media users who posted updates about the protest on twitter and allege that the. tweeters are inciting hatred police have rated at least thirty eight homes cracking down on activist after finding them through their ip addresses well twitter has played an entry part in the organizing of this demonstration the turkish deputy prime minister bullet arik has apologized on behalf of police for their violence towards demonstrators but some little else to curb the violence and arrests happening at
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the hands of police marina portnoy it was on hand in new york for a protest rally in support of turkish demonstrators she brings us more on this story. for six days the world has seen video and images of turkish police cracking down on thousands of anti-government protesters and activists of all ages have been targeted indiscriminately with tear gas and pepper spray critics say that behind closed doors the united states has long played a major role in aiding the police brutality that is currently unfolding in turkey he's reporting to reports turkey has bought twenty one million dollars worth of tear gas and pepper spray in the past twelve years and the united states is listed as a main provider c. the u.s. is one of the world's largest manufacturers and exporters of tear gas and whether sold or given tear gas shipments from the united states to anywhere in the world
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must be approved by the u.s. government the three big american tear gas manufacturers non-lethal technologies defense technology and combine systems inc have reportedly exported tear gas to dozens of nations rocked by widespread protests including egypt bahrain tunisia and yemen and now as the uprisings in turkey grow more dangerous by the day dozens of activists have taken to the streets in new york city rallying across from the turkish consulate to condemn what they call the government's brutal and deplorable use of tear gas against its own citizens they are not use for protecting our hands are prosection are humans very youthful are destroying our human can charge their freedom creating all the problems that they're using to expire since two thousand for their pictures over there is evidence that is a problem every day they're using gerson worse worse and worse chemical american
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activists also know what it feels like to be targeted with so-called crowd control technology tear gas. canisters were widely used against protesters participating in the occupy wall street movement and experts say that the corporations manufacturing those technologies are profiting at home and abroad by assisting governments around the world that aim to repress freedom of speech and democratic movements reporting from new york arena or night r.t. the capitol building in sacramento california had a few interesting visitor is yesterday members of the federal bureau of investigation last night california senate sergeant of arms tony beard issued a statement confirming that agents from the federal bureau of investigation served search warrants in the state capitol and the office of senator ron calderon and the legislative office building at the latino legislative caucus office those warrants
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were sealed by order of the federal court therefore we have no further information it remains unclear what the f.b.i. was looking for during its raid on the california state senator office of ron calderon a democrat serving montebello and the chair of the senate insurance committee the f.b.i. removed boxes of evidence as well as a beaten up black briefcase calderon is a member of the latino legislative caucus the f.b.i. confirmed the both raids are part of the same investigation this raid is the first of its kind in more than twenty five years and calderon's attorney mark geragos says that the f.b.i. search quote showed that quote the government is out of control concerning the sealed search warrants served as clients we'll keep you updated when we learn more about the ongoing investigation. well in a new twist on the obama administration's battle with transparency a recent investigation led by the associated press found that some of brock obama's
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political appointees are using secret e-mail accounts to exchange information and conduct official business instead of their official government e-mail accounts and the white house is defending it he says he did process that the practice of having multiple e-mail addresses to separate internal and external correspondence complicates the officials legal responsibility to hand over e-mails under open records request the a.p. says that they've identified secret e-mail accounts from government officials including secretary of defense of to the department of health and human services kathleen sebelius the associated press sifted through hundreds of government e-mails that they received through the freedom of information request but the organization was unable to find any material turned over from a secret or us is white house spokesperson jay carney acknowledged the e-mail practice and said that it wasn't a big deal take a listen this is a practice consistent with prior administrations of both parties and as the story
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itself made clear any for you request or congressional inquiry includes a search in all of the e-mail accounts used by any political appointee so the answer is all of this information is provided having alternate e-mail addresses for cabinet secretaries and other high profile officials makes eminent sense. he went on to say that even if he has a separate government e-mail address of his own internal dealings so now that the practice is out in the open what does this mean for the future of government transparency the freedom of information act request are a powerful tool for citizens to learn about their government but this these loopholes like these could erode their fact that this. today marks the eightieth anniversary of the gold standard ending in the united states which comes at a time when states are individually pushing to return to the gold standard american currency value to gold holdings and a fixed ratio that increased over time as the dollar was periodically devalued in
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the wake of a major recession and a massive deficit a drop in our current currency value and april gallup poll showed that americans have less trust in the federal reserve to handle the u.s. economy than either the president or congress what a return to the gold standard help or could it lead to chaos r.t.s. liz wall looks into it. stubborn unemployment rates of devaluing dollar and waning trust in government policies is leading to a golden trend more than a dozen states have introduced laws to recognize gold as legal currency in two thousand and eleven utah was the first to make it legal to do business using gold and maybe arizona legislature voted to recognize gold and silver as legal tender and would become the second state to do so if the governor signs the bill the point is that we are stimulating our economy we're paying our bills by printing more money he is referring to the federal reserve and ben bernanke his decision to
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implement round after round of quantitative easing bernanke is quantitative easing policies means the treasury printing more money but critics worry that this printing frenzy will lead to the dollar continuing to lose its value of d.r. took the u.s. off the gold standard in one thousand nine hundred thirty three the federal reserve took over the money matters their first role was supposed to be the stability of the dollar but we haven't seen that we've seen a steady devaluation to a fraction of a cent of what the nine hundred thirteen dollar was worth of the time and facts critics like peterson blame the federal reserve for the most recent economic recession but when you look at what happened in two thousand and seven two thousand and eight the monetary policies of the federal reserve wiped out enormous parts of the financial industry and people from main street to moloto wall street were wiped out among bernanke is most outspoken critics ron paul do you think gold is money.
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no the former presidential candidate called to end the fed we have devalued our paper currencies gold has gone up and that's why there's consideration for many not only ron paul but steve forbes and others to talk about having some sort of modified gold standard where fiar currencies are anchored by hard assets though there is a renewed push to go gold some economists say a move back to the gold standard would be disastrous it doesn't make any sense at all i mean it would cause the great recession united states was an eight trillion dollar housing bubble a housing bubble that led to last construction and consumer consumption those opposed to bringing back the gold standard say fears of inflation are overblown the federal reserve created over two point three trillion dollars since two thousand and eight and inflation is running at about one point one percent annually right now over the last twelve months so. it's kind of.
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unworkable solution to a nonexistent problem but the problem real or perceived is triggering a gold rush of sorts but more citizens and states losing faith in the decisions made here in washington liz wall r.t. . well just what's in that soft drink you're ordering the next time you patronize a fast food joint make sure you mention the whole the i if you're planning on ordering a fountain drink will report out of the u.k.'s daily mail found that six in ten of the u.k.'s most visited fast food chains serve ice in drinks containing more bacteria than the restaurant's toilet water the ice in question from mcdonald's to burger cave to k.f.c. even starbucks was classified as having enough microbes to constitute a high risk to patrons it isn't clear what factors lead to this alarming trend albeit employee hygiene failure to clean the ice machine or other factors the ice
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may come from machines that aren't cleaned or by restaurant employees that scoop up with unwashed hands what is clear though is that the united states has its own share of questionable fast food practices do you remember this one that taco bell employee caught licking a stack of taco shells and a what not to do birol picture. one thing is clear though you may want to skip the cubes and settle for a lukewarm soda or the cola it's going to do for a nail for more on these stories we've covered go to you tube dot com r.t. america check out our website at r t dot com slash usa i'll see what i ate.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter all of turkey in turmoil a sudden upsurge in intensity of protest against the turkish government has caught many by surprise critically prime minister ever to go on are we witnessing still another arab spring play out or is it more simple than that is it all about aragon his politics and political style. to cross the protests in turkey i'm joined by alone ben mayer in washington he's a senior fellow at new york university's center for global affairs in stamboul we have michael dickinson he is a writer and artist and in london we crossed his i had to leave he is a political analyst and a writer right gentlemen cross talk rules and if that means you can jump in anytime you want to find go to you first in london the prime minister the turkish prime minister was in.


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